Current Worldwide Alcohol Consumption

How the World Gets Drunk

From happy hours to boozy brunches, people the world over like to unwind over a drink (or three). But the alcoholic beverage of choice that people drink varies by country.

Let’s review some of the data about how people get drunk around the world. First off, below is a map of per capita alcohol consumption by country. The Right Hand corner of the map is basically where people drink the most alcohol.

But there are a few more charts! Take a look to the following ones,  you might be surprised with the results!

By the way, Rusia takes the lead…. almost in everything Long live Vodka!

Current Worldwide Alcohol Consumption Among Adults

Current Worldwide Alcohol Consumption

Wine consumption per capita (liters)

Wine consumption liters per capita

Whiskey consumption per capita


Whiskey consumption per capita

 Beer consumption per capita

Beer consumption per capita


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  26. Robertlib 23 May, 2021 at 18:42 Reply

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