The duck that threatens the hegemony of Google

Google is the all-seeing eye, the big brother of the network. Google knows everything, save your data, your searches, your calendar, your contacts, your passwords. Many have put our lives in the hands of Google but at what price? One of the most valuable things in the world are personal data, and Google has millions.

How many times we have noticed that after searching in Google, all ads that then showed up in the web pages we visited were related to that query? And the data that Google collects are not only used to customize the advertising you see and but if the authorities request, Google should give them.

Many before have dared to face the giant Internet and most used search engine, but few that have survived such daring and few searchers who had managed to capture the attention of netizens. Until now. The David of Goliath Google may be called DuckDuckGo, and although it is unlikely that green bow tie duck pulls down the giant, can at least steal a part of the cake.

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