ex lover shows up after 23 years

What could happen if you run into your ex after 23 years?

What would happen if after 23 years your ex shows up and sits infront of you? How did you handle that moment?

The video is a perfomance of Marina Abramovic, a New York-based artist. Her latest performance was to sit at the Museum of Modern Art and share a minute of silence staring into the eyes of any stranger who sits in front of her. This is a cool idea until your ex lover sits in ront of you.

Ulay, Marina’s ex lover from de 70’s, a performance artist too, showed up unexpectedly, after 23 years. Their back story is very intersting, Marina and Ulay started and intense love story in the 70’s, when they felt the relationship was goig nowhere, they decided to walk the Great Wall of China, each from one end, and meeting for one last big hug and never seeing each other again.

So this is how she reacts whe he sits… enjoy!

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